Oxford Christadelphians

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Welcome to our church here in Oxford. We are called Christadelphians, a bit of a mouthful I know, but it comes from two Greek words, Christos or Christ, referring to Jesus, and adelphos which means brothers and sisters, so the name simply means brothers and sisters in Jesus. It refers to the fact that we regard ourselves are as a family joined by our shared beliefs and love for Jesus.

Our main hall where most of our services take place. Unlike other churches you may have seen ours is quite plain and unadorned. This is because for us it is not the building that is important but the people – it’s the people that make the church.

We have several services each week. The most important is our Sunday morning service, known as the breaking of bread. We meet to sing hymns, read the Bible and most importantly to share the bread and the wine. These are symbols that Jesus gave his disciples to help them remember him. The bread represents his body, the wine represents his blood which was shed for us.

We have no priests or any paid ministers at all, so it is ordinary members of the church that lead our services. In our Sunday service, one person will lead the service and another will give the talk – sometimes the brother giving the talk will be from our church here in Oxford, sometimes a visiting speaker will come from one of our other churches around the country.

After the service most people like to stop on for a cup of tea and a good chat. Often we will have lunch together here at the hall.

There are plenty of other activities that go on in our church. On Sunday we usually have a second service, either in the morning or the afternoon. We also have Sunday school for the kids. And during the week we have toddler group, a student group, and a Bible reading group.

But being a church is not just about spending time together and having fun. The Bible teaches that we should look to those around us and spread God’s love to those we meet so we try as a church and as individuals to do the right thing and help those in need. For this reason we support many charities which fight poverty and suffering both here in Oxford and throughout the world. We are a Fairtrade church, which means we have committed ourselves to whenever possible buying goods for which the producer has got a fair wage. And, of course, in everything we do, we try to tell people about Jesus, both through our words and through our actions.

So that’s our church. If you want to know more please check out our website or just come along to one of our services. I hope we’ll see you here soon.